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As stated in our Privacy Policy on the SpongeBob Broadway site, we and certain of our third-party service providers collect information about your use of this website through cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies for several reasons, including: (1) to display advertisements that are tailored to your interests on (a) websites or applications owned and/or operated by Viacom International Inc. or its affiliates (Viacom Properties), (b) third-party websites and/or (c) social media platforms; and (2) for other purposes described in our Privacy Policy, including to better understand your interests and the way you use our website.  Third-party service providers that may collect information about your use of this website include, without limitation, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube.

We may work with some of these third parties in connection with providing online behavioral advertising to you.  To provide such ads, we may disclose to these third parties a unique ID that does not personally identify you but may be associated with your device’s platform or a device/internet browser combination and may disclose to these third parties if that unique ID is associated with a particular segment (such as a reality show watcher falling within a certain demographic).  Also, certain third parties may enable us, through unique IDs, to provide online behavioral advertising to you across devices whether on Viacom Properties or non-affiliated websites and applications or both.  This means that data collected on one device or browser may be used to provide you more relevant content and advertising on another device or browser.

We do not control these third parties’ privacy practices, but you may be able to opt out of some targeted advertisements on these services.

Some of these third parties are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), both of which offer a single location to opt out of ad targeting from member companies.  To access the NAI’s tool, click here.  To access the DAA’s tool, click here.  To the extent Viacom or any third parties use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies, the method for opting out of such technologies may vary by device and browser but usually can be found in your preferences or security settings.  To the extent that flash cookies are used, you can manage flash cookie settings by clicking here.  Please note that opting out of such technologies does not prevent the display of all advertisements to you. 

Mobile Applications: Please note that the choices described above may not apply to data collected, used, or transferred from mobile applications.  Your mobile devices may offer settings that enable you to make choices about the collection, use, or transfer of mobile app information for online behavioral advertising (for example, Apple iOS’ Advertising ID and Google Android’s Advertising ID).  For more information, see Apple’s support page and Google’s support page (for example, Google’s section on opting out of interest-based ads where cookie technology may not be available).

In addition to the choices you have through settings offered by your mobile devices, to opt out of online behavioral advertising using mobile app data by Viacom, mobile app users should also download, through the applicable app store, one of the DAA AdChoices mobile apps to opt out of certain online behavioral advertising by third parties.  Links to the DAA AdChoices mobile app, AppChoices, on the iOS, Android, and Amazon app stores are available here.  Since not all of the partners we use will be available in AppChoices, you should exercise your choices using both mobile device settings and AppChoices.

Precise Location Information: If you allow our or our partners’ apps to collect precise location information from your mobile devices, we may collect and use the location of your device consistent with our Privacy Policy, and this information may be shared with or collected by third parties.  You can withdraw consent for our collection, use, and transfer of this precise location information by adjusting the location settings on your device.  For more information on how to use these tools, please review your device settings.

We are committed to complying with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program, which was developed by leading industry associations to apply consumer-friendly standards to online behavioral advertising across the Internet.  Learn more at

Last updated September 13, 2017. 

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